Online EMDR therapy has never been this easy

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Personalised VR solutions for the therapist of the future

VR solutions, designed for blended care.

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Virtual Reality solutions for therapists 

Psylaris designs, tests and validates Virtual Reality products in collaboration with its (scientific) partners to complement traditional therapy sessions. Our solutions intensify treatment while reducing costs. This guarantees shorter wait times and faster results.

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Better care, for everyone

All of our VR solutions can be run autonomously by the client.
This allows the therapist to intensify treatment, with all of the advantages of blended care, without investing additional time.

This approach cuts down on wait and treatment times, and improves client satisfaction.

our products

VR solutions based on proven treatment protocols

We believe in the power of shared knowledge. That is why our solution is derived from evidence-based techniques and developed in cooperation with certified psychologists and mental health organisations.

Autonomous EMDR therapy to complement regular treatment

Personal relaxation methods and psycho-education for the reduction of stress, anxiety and tension

Dynamic, varying EMDR distraction tasks to support video call sessions

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Offer blended care by supplementing your treatment with VR therapy!

Our products offer therapists the ability to intensify their treatment without investing hours of additional time. Would you like to offer this advantage to your clients? Then contact us!

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