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Intensive EMDR distraction tasks with additional exposure tasks

EMDR-plus's foundation is built on evidence-based techniques, developed in co-creation with widely recognised psychologists, hospitals, mental healthcare organisations and are thoroughly tested with end-users.

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What is EMDR-plus?

Met EMDR-plus wordt de cliënt in een veilige setting begeleid door jou als therapeut. Gedurende de sessie doorloop je dezelfde stappen als bij een face-to-face behandeling maar toon jij de diverse afleidingstaken aan de cliënt in een Virtual Reality bril om zo het werkgeheugen intensiever te belasten. Tevens is er de mogelijkheid om online video’s te tonen in de EMDR-plus sessie als exposure opdracht.

The benefits of EMDR-plus

Thanks to the capabilities of Virtual Reality, the client can be exposed to various true-to-life distraction tasks while in a safe environment. This allows the trauma to be explored more deeply. In addition, EMDR-plus also offers the possibility to show videos and images for additional exposure possibilities.

The applications

EMDR-plus is a valuable addition to any EMDR process. Whether it is a single or complex trauma, you will find that with EMDR-plus you will gain a lot of treatment advantages.

How do you use EMDR-plus?

The client puts on the VR glasses at home or on location and you go through the same steps as with a regular EMDR or Exposure treatment. When you start with the distracting stimuli, you select them through Psylaris menu, after which they are shown to the client in VR. Due to the intensive operation of Virtual Reality, the working memory load can be higher than with regular distraction tasks. You go through the entire protocol as you normally would, alternating with videos or pictures if necessary.

The EMDR-plus module is part of Psylaris Care

We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

Psylaris Care VR therapy

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