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Online EMDR with varied distraction tasks to supplement video sessions.

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Send a link to your client and start the online, in-browser EMDR session. Works immediately – no downloads or screen sharing required!

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Adjustable settings

Pas als therapeut de instellingen van verschillende afleidingstaken zelf aan gedurende een online EMDR sessie. Belast het werkgeheugen optimaal met de verschillende taken.

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Transparent data

Record your client's SUD, VOC and other scores to track their progress later on. Of course, all of this takes place in a secure environment.

EMDR-Remote 30 second overview

Interface in english language

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Designed for video sessions

As therapist, you can use EMDR-Remote as an ordinary video session. The application gives you the ability to present various distraction tasks to your client, and to adjust these tasks as well. During the session, you will monitor whether the working memory is being taxed optimally, and implement adjustments or use advanced features as necessary.
Utilize various distraction techniques, unhindered by slow internet connections or software installations. Everything works directly in-browser, so that you may focus on your client's online EMDR treatment.

How does it work?

Setting up a session

  • 1Created with Sketch. Select your client in the Psylaris portal, or create a new client.
  • 2Created with Sketch. Share the link with your client and start your in-browser session.
  • 3Created with Sketch. Adjust the settings as necessary during the video call, and track your client's progress in the Psylaris portal after the session.

Check out the following video for a product demonstration (dutch voice)

how it works

The advantages of EMDR-Remote

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Adjustable distraction tasks

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Integrated calling feature

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Consistently smooth display of distraction tasks

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Suitable for both single-incident and complex trauma.

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Session storage in a secure environment

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Works entirely within a browser


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EMDR-Remote is currently free of charge for any therapist.

If your client requires a higher level of working memory taxation than our application can offer, then it is certainly possible to add other stimuli. Please let us know if this is the case, so that we can add additional options.

A specially designed buzzer that immediately re-focuses the client on the visual task at hand. This is useful for lapses in the client's attention.

EMDR-Remote will work on any device, excluding:



-Internet Explorer

For best results, we suggest using a laptop or desktop computer with Chrome

Even though we have our own integrated calling solution, you can still use a different provider when needed.
We recommend a secure video calling program for this.

Our video calling solution is GDPR proof and ISO 27001 certified. These documents can be supplied on request.

Offer blended care by supplementing your treatment with EMDR-Remote!

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