Treat up to 30% more effectively with virtual reality EMDR

The EMDR protocol, guided by our virtual therapist in VR

  • Increase self-direction
  • Increase focus on treatment
  • Insightful session data

“Emotional load drops about 6-8 points in 20 minutes, while I update the client file.

Being utilised successfully at

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Autonomous EMDR sessions as a supplement to your face-to-face treatment.

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More intensive treatment

Thanks to EMDR-VR, the client can go through EMDR sessions at home as often as necessary. This causes results to be achieved faster than with less intensive processes.

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Shorter treatment process

More intensive treatments result in a shortening of the treatment process, so that more clients are treated in the same time.

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Higher self-direction client

Clients report that they prefer this method because of the higher self-esteem they experience after the sessions.

Lotte Moll, Director GGZ Adults at Impegno
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Rarely have I met such selfless people in mental health care! These men clearly have a mission, namely to optimally facilitate digital trauma treatment in the form of EMDR.
Sterk aanbevolen
Strongly recommended
Berno van Laerhoven, Gz-psychologist, EMDR practictioner at Lambertushof
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With EMDR-VR the emotional load drops 6-8 points in 20m to half an hour, sometimes this is faster than performing the protocol myself. As a therapist you empower yourself to focus on the more important things for the patient.
Hip, innovatief, strategisch
Hip, innovative, strategic
Marga Bijma, Founder and director GGz Praktijk
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We were creating a new trauma path for a digitization subsidy, and we had to take minutes out of it. Psylaris EMDR-VR not only fulfilled that role, but it does so much more than we originally thought.
Fantastische aanvulling
Fantastic addition
Maud van den Elsen, Founder Psyworks
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Due to the strong decrease of the SUD per session and the possibility of intensifying the EMDR process, the VR glasses from Psylaris are a fantastic addition to the regular EMDR treatment. The glasses themselves are very client-friendly to use.

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Get started with EMDR-VR from €40 a month

  • Plug and play. The headsets are immediately ready for use when you open the package
  • Crystal clear instructions so you can get started quickly
  • Constantly up-to-date with the latest developments and innovations
  • High-touch personal contact and support (what we are loved for)
  • 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked

Limited availability during this promotion, gone = gone.

EMDR-VR guides the client to independently go through the EMDR-protocol.

The regular EMDR protocol steps and questions are guided by a virtual voice in a secure environment.

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Each session is unique and personal, based on the client's conscious and subconscious choices.

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Suitable for both single-incident and complex trauma.

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EMDR-VR is based on years of scientific research.

Easily monitor the progress of your client

Questions and Answers

Yes, EMDR-VR is used as a blended care solution. The therapist must always first conduct an intake to identify the client's needs.

Clients experience EMDR-VR as recommendable. It is also regularly indicated that a VR session is more pleasant than a regular one. The main feedback points are that clients are happy with the opportunity to work on their trauma themselves and not be completely dependent on someone else. In addition, it also improves the Client-Therapist relationship because of this increased trust in each other.

Because our product can be used completely independently for the client, you save all the hours that you normally spend per week in executing a protocol. In addition, our solution is in many cases more effective than going through the protocol yourself. This also saves you on the total treatment time.
Our current customers indicate that they realize savings of between 10 and 30 percent.

Binnen 55 minuten is jouw team volledig op de hoogte hoe de bril ingezet kan worden dankzij onze uitgebreide
E-learning modules. Can't figure it out? Then we are always available for support.

One of the advantages is your ability to distinguish yourself from other practices. You give your clients a unique advantage.
In addition, you are able to achieve faster results and spend less time with administration.

Therapists may feel 'unnecessary' but the only thing we take away is going through the protocol. Clients may experience it as impersonal, but this only happens to a few. By communicating well with the team and with the client these things are easily prevented. 
De therapeut is immers nog steeds nodig voor alle face-to-face sessies.

No, EMDR-VR works just like normal face-to-face EMDR. So there is no usage of exposure techniques.

An important question during this pandemic. Fortunately, you can go a long way with anti-bacterial wipes!
Hygiene protocol EMDR-VR
Step 1: Standard (hand) Hygiene
Anyone who will use the VR Headset should wash their hands with soap or disinfect with alcohol gel before and after using the equipment.
Step 2: Wash the face before using the VR Headset
Disinfecting the hands and face ensures that the surfaces that come in most contact with the material are clean.
Step 3: Disinfect material with non-alcoholic antibacterial wipes
Use non-alcoholic, antibacterial wipes to clean all surfaces of the equipment. Don't forget to also disinfect the controller.
Step 4: Let the material dry
Let the headset dry. It is best to leave the glasses unused for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can safely let it be used by another client.

Due to corona, remote treatment has become more important than ever. With an independent VR session, treatment is performed at a more intensive level while less contact with a therapist is required. This of course means there is less risk of infection, while the level of treatment is higher.

We only work with therapists and institutions. This is to ensure that every client receives the best possible treatment for his or her condition. This always requires an expert who can determine whether or not the use of our product is desirable. If you are experiencing psychological problems at this moment, please contact a professional.

EMDR-VR is an application that provides the client with an EMDR session without input from a therapist (during the session). You do indicate in the software exactly how you want the session to go. This includes: length of the session, type and intensity of distraction tasks and more. 

The smart software automatically adjusts based on the conscious and unconscious choices of the client. That is why the eyes do not have to be monitored, because the glasses work independently. 

Your glasses can be worn underneath the VR headset. It is possible to use this solution with or without glasses.

Almost none! The VR application has been used successfully by individuals between the ages of 15 and 82. If you can call with a smartphone, you can also use EMDR-VR!

No. Although some solutions on the market (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or SamsungGearVR) use systems that do require a smartphone or laptop, our application runs on hardware that is completely self-contained. You will not need any additional equipment aside from the VR headset that we provide.

We use a solution that does not require the use of a laptop or phone. The user will only need the headset. We supply these to ensure that they are always equipped with the latest software version. We take everything out of your hands, so that you can focus on what is most important.

The human brain has difficulty determining the difference between actual and virtual reality. This, combined with the fact that someone in VR is completely cut off from the outside world and immersed in this new world, makes the medium ideal for treatment. The client is not affected by the distractions that would be present in a conventional setting, thus improving the treatment's effectiveness.

Our solution is suitable for both single-event and complex trauma. In beide gevallen is het belangrijk dat de cliënt over vangnet beschikt in de thuissituatie.

Offer blended care by supplementing your treatment with VR therapy!

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