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Autonomous EMDR therapy as a complement to regular treatment

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Faster results

More intensive treatment options enable the client to use EMDR from their own home as often as is necessary. This achieves faster results than less intensive treatment plans.

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Shorter wait times

More intensive treatments are proven to shorten the treatment timeline. This enables you to treat more patients over a shorter length of time.

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Large degree of client autonomy

Clients indicate a preference for this treatment due to the large degree of autonomy they have during sessions.

Responding to client needs

Using the Psylaris software, clients can progress through the EMDR protocol autonomously. Within the software, the regular steps of the EMDR protocol are accompanied by virtual voice guidance. Depending on the client’s conscious and subconscious choices, varying and individually tailored content will be presented. As therapist, you can adjust all settings prior to a session, so that the session will be even more tailored to the client's needs. This enables EMDR-VR to become an independent virtual psychologist for your client.

EMDR-VR, a virtual psychologist.

how does the VR application work?

Gain a treatment advantage for your client - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

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  • 2Created with Sketch. The client puts on the headset, either at home or on location, and goes through the session autonomously
  • 3Created with Sketch. The client returns to the therapist, who can then track the client's progress and proceed with the treatment plan

how it works

The advantages of EMDR-VR

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Average SUD reduction of 4.9 per session.

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Each session is unique and personal, based on the client's conscious and subconscious choices.

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95% of users experience a positive change after using this technology.

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Suitable for both single-incident and complex trauma.

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EMDR-VR is based on years of scientific research.

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All settings can be modified.

video emdr

“mijn clienten herstellen sneller”

Jan Janssen (therapeut AZM) over hoe Psylaris helpt bij zijn dagelijkse werkzaamheden


We only work with therapists and institutions. This is to ensure that every client receives the best possible treatment for his or her condition. This always requires an expert who can determine whether or not the use of our product is desirable. If you are experiencing psychological problems at this moment, please contact a professional.

Your glasses can be worn underneath the VR headset. It is possible to use this solution with or without glasses.

No. Although some solutions on the market (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or SamsungGearVR) use systems that do require a smartphone or laptop, our application runs on hardware that is completely self-contained. You will not need any additional equipment aside from the VR headset that we provide.

We use a solution that does not require the use of a laptop or phone. The user will only need the headset. We supply these to ensure that they are always equipped with the latest software version. We take everything out of your hands, so that you can focus on what is most important.

The human brain has difficulty determining the difference between actual and virtual reality. This, combined with the fact that someone in VR is completely cut off from the outside world and immersed in this new world, makes the medium ideal for treatment. The client is not affected by the distractions that would be present in a conventional setting, thus improving the treatment's effectiveness.

Our solution is suitable for both single-event and complex trauma.

Offer blended care by supplementing your treatment with VR therapy!

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