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Psylaris VR solutions

Turn the world of VR into a world of difference for your client

psylaris VR product EMDR

emdr vr

Personal EMDR therapy: always available, everywhere

  • Suitable for single event and complex trauma
  • Shortens the total treatment by up to 30%
  • Average SUD reduction of 4.9 per session


Reduces stress and tension, and teaches coping strategies

  • Results within 15 minutes
  • Psycho-education for coping with stress and tension
  • Based on scientifically proven techniques
psylaris emdr-remote product


Safe, remote EMDR sessions with your client

  • Can be used during video call sessions for both single-incident and complex trauma
  • Various adjustable distraction tasks to tax the working memory
  • Can be used directly in-browser, no download required

Always stay up to speed with the latest insights

Just as regular therapy is improved constantly, we constantly improve our solutions. We will always update our products with the latest insights from the field and from the scientific world.

Offer blended care by supplementing your treatment with VR therapy!

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