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Psylaris Care

Rated with a 4.7/5 on average

The most complete Virtual Reality solution for mental health care.

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Psylaris Care ™ consists of several mental health care modules

Click on the different modules for more information:

The advantages of Psylaris Care™ in the mental health care

Various modules

EMDR, exposure and relaxation together form a complete supplement to the treatment process.

All treatment levels

Can be used for both complex and single trauma, severe and mild anxiety and high stress.

Always up-to-date

The latest version of Psylaris Care is automatically updated via the cloud.

Automatic secure storage

Session data such as SUD, VOC and your own notes stored in an impenetrable system.

Psylaris Care VR therapy

Shorter treatment process

More intensive treatments result in a shortening of the treatment process, so that more clients are treated in the same time.

Increased self-management of the client

Clients indicate a preference for this treatment due to the large degree of autonomy they have during sessions.

Better from home

Psylaris Care can also be safely brought home to continue treatment.

Turn on & treat

As soon as you put on the glasses, you can start treatment immediately. Psylaris Care is a single-use mental health device.

Strongly recommended
Strongly recommended
Berno van Laerhoven, Gz-psychologist, EMDR practictioner at Lambertushof
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The relatively simple looking application EMDR-Remote from Psylaris does exactly what it needs to do. Whereas Psylaris Care (VR) takes over the entire process, with EMDR Remote you can mainly use the working memory tasks in the EMDR process. Clients also like the fact that they don't see me during the EMDR process, for their own focus. I do see the clients, so that I can fine-tune the intervention. I've done all my EMDR via video calling with the remote application. This works at least as effectively as face to face EMDR. This application is a great addition for anyone who does EMDR via video calling.
Lotte Moll, Director GGZ Adults at Impegno
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Rarely have I met such selfless people in mental healthcare! There is clearly a mission which is to optimally facilitate digital trauma treatment in the form of EMDR. Suggestions for improvements are quickly implemented. Mike and Christoph are curious, creative and fast.
A fine application
A fine application
Tirtsa Ehrlich, EMDR Europe Practitioner and supervisor in formation at Dokter Bosman
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A very pleasant application to offer EMD online in case the finger or lamp method isnt working out that well. A client who had a face-to-face session and a EMDR-Remote session mentioned: I don’t notice any difference, this works just as well!
Very satisfied
Very satisfied
Sarah Claire Moss, Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist at Moss psychology
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I used Psylaris for my long distance EMDR treatments, and as well my clients as I are intensely satisfied. The website is very user friendly for the therapist as well as the client and there are many different methods to task the working memory before and during a distraction task. This is a very pleasant way to be able to continue your trauma treatment on long distance.
Very customer-friendly
Very customer-friendly
Marjoke van Rooijen, Health care psychologist at Rijndam adult rehabilitation
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I am very satisfied with EMDR-Remote of Psylaris. It is extremely user friendly and my patients experience it just as pleasant. Those which had a face-to-face EMDR session before also indicate the great addition of EMDR Remote in their treatment. Aside from all this, Psylaris is a customer friendly part and easy to reach for questions or advice.
I will certainly continue
I will certainly continue
Jeanine S, EMDR practitioner
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During Corona times I started to use the Psylaris online solution. This was exciting since I never conducted an online EMDR session before. After a short practice session with the helpdesk of Psylaris (fast and easy to reach with good instructions!) I started with my first patient. This experience was very pleasant, for both me and the patient. I will surely continue using the Psylaris online EMDR program. Currently its no longer possible to think of my practice without EMDR-Remote.
Easy high working memory load
Easy high working memory load
Marloes van der V, GZ-psychologist K&J
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I’m very happy with this possibility for virtual EMDR. Amongst others, I work with highly gifted patients, who need a higher working memory taxation, this is something this tool can easily due because of the different skills or senses needed during each task. Also adapting other parts such as speed is easy to do. I find this program accessible and easy to work with. Something needed in this corona period. My impression is that EMDR-Remote is just as effective as face-to-face EMDR. Clients tell me that it’s a pleasant solution and it is of added value that they are able to receive EMDR in their own safe environment. With some clients we will continue the online treatment, even though we are seeing people face to face again.

In fewer sessions to health

Thanks to Psylaris Care you can expand and intensify your range of treatments with various VR modules. You do not need any technical knowledge for this. This way, your clients will get the care and attention they deserve.

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About Psylaris
Mike Verhiel (CEO) and Christoph Lynen (CTO)

This is how Psylaris Care works in 1.5 minutes

Frequently asked questions

Very simple! When the client puts on the glasses, a session is immediately started with your chosen settings. You can adjust these settings in our dashboard. No complicated manuals or instructions. But clarity and simplicity for you as a therapist.

We only work with therapists and institutions. This is to ensure that every client receives the best possible treatment for his or her condition. This always requires an expert who can determine whether or not the use of our product is desirable. If you are experiencing psychological problems at this moment, please contact a professional.

Because our product can be used independently by the client, you save a lot of time that you would normally spend in a face-to-face treatment. The EMDR-VR module alone can save up to 10-30% on treatment time because you can treat more intensively. The additions of the Relaxation and Exposure module then take your treatments to a new level. 

When you log into our dashboard, you can immediately view all session data per client. Simple and clear with all relevant data.

Psylaris One currently consists of 3 different products. EMDR-VR, exposure and relaxation. However, we are evolving so that new solutions are added every year. We develop these in cooperation with therapists so that you always have the best solutions available.

Inquiry takes <1 minute < 1 minute

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Autonomous EMDR sessions as a supplement to your face-to-face treatment.

EMDR-VR guides the client independently through the EMDR protocol. This allows you to treat more intensively in order to achieve the desired result faster.
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Step by Step overcome your fears with exposure techniques in VR.

Virtual reality offers a new dimension in which people with a phobia can get closer to their fear in a safe environment. However, things feel more real than ever, so the client can build trust before facing their fears in the real world.

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Relax completely and learn how VR can structurally achieve this.

Cliënt experiencing high pressure and stress often times do not have the (mental) resources to deal with this. Our Relaxation Module ensures that your clients are given the toolbox for structural relaxation.

Insight into the progress of your clients

An overview of how (and how often) your clients are using Psylaris therapeutic solutions, with key data such as session duration, session frequency and a place to record VoC and SUD results.

At Psylaris we develop further.

At Psylaris, we are continuously developing our VR product to provide therapists with more and more supportive features. We do this while continuing to offer the lowest price in the Dutch market. For example, in 2019 we only had EMDR-VR, and in 2020 and early 2021 VRET and Relaxation have been added.

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know! We prefer to develop together with therapists. The following 3 development areas:

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