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Scientific research

Leading research in mental health care as the foundation for our solutions

Each solution is based on evidence-based techniques and has been developed in collaboration with recognized psychologists and mental health organizations and thoroughly tested with end users.

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VR applications based on scientific research

All of our solutions are based on scientific research. This allows us to guarantee that we always apply the latest insights in treatment methodology, combined with the innovation potential of virtual reality.

Current research

Tilburg University - Follow the dot
Progress 42%
Thomas More - Immersive Care
Progress 80%

Working on better mental health care

Our solutions are created in collaboration with mental health care institutions. To keep improving we are always working on research collaborations with national and international partners. Do you want more information about our current research or do you want to start a new research with us? Get in contact!

Start researching with Psylaris Care and experience the future of therapy firsthand.

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